Custom Wood Swing Sets & Playsets in Mercer County

Buxton’s Backyard Structures is Mercer County’s choice when it comes to high-quality wooden swing sets and playgrounds. We offer the best value wood swing sets and wood playsets on the market today. We provide top-tier manufacturing, innovative design, and a deep commitment to children’s safety & fun have been the trademarks of every children’s swing set and wood playset we sell for nearly 25 years. We offer flexible designs to fit any size backyard, with the widest range of swing, slide, and play accessories for kids of ALL ages.

Modular design features let you custom-design your outdoor play center to fit your family’s needs, and best utilize the space you have available. Designed for durability, fun, safety and incredible value, we offer solutions for almost any budget.

Amish Craftsmanship: Wooden Swing Sets in Mercer County

1. Structural strength – Our wooden playsets are built from Wolmanized® premium outdoor lumbar (southern yellow pine), modern components and superior craftsmanship, resulting in a sturdy, durable playset.

2. Appearance – The pleasing look of natural wood blends well in many settings. The wood may be painted or stained if the naturally weathered wood appearance is not the desired end result.

3. Maintenance – Our wooden playsets are ready for exposure to the weather without additional stain or paint. However, stains may be used to retard the natural weathering process (outdoor wood stains usually contain UV blockers) or the playset may be painted.

4. Durability – The pressure treatment applied to the wood before manufacturing the playset effectively reduces or eliminates decay and insect infestation.

5. Renewable American resource – Southern yellow pine is thought to be the most sustainably renewed species of tree in the world. It grows fast and is farmed much like our food supply. At the present time, 199 million acres of southern yellow pine forest are being replanted in the southeastern United States every year.

Wood Playset (Play Set) vs. Wood Swingset (Swing Set)

Both terms are used to refer to an outdoor play center for children. The activities normally include swings so the term swingset is appropriate. Frequently other activities are also a part of the play center, hence the term playset applies as well. We use the terms interchangeably, though we tend to use the term swingset for parts of the play center that are for swinging and playset for a complete play center. Other terms are sometimes used to refer to the same thing, such as playscape, play equipment, or play system.

Wooden Swing Sets For Sale: The Best Shopping Experience in Mercer County

Check out the many designs shown here on our website, and visit our showroom to see our models (bring your kids … they’ll be awestruck). Our exceptional wood swing sets and playsets, combined with our outstanding customer service, guarantee a pleasant shopping experience—the best you will find in Mercer County.

Kids across America are enjoying these fun, outdoor playsets and so should yours. Put a smile on your child’s face and invest in our quality, long-lasting swing sets and play centers and let the adventure begin!

If you have any questions about purchasing a wood swing set please call and Contact Us for immediate assistance.

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