Tablets, laptops, computers, smart devices and video games are more than ever addicting — especially with all of the time we’ve been spending at home lately. In our world, there is no doubt that we need electronics to get a ton of information right at our fingertips. However, taking a break from all of that 21st century tech can be the most satisfying way to spend time as a family. Recently we took a family vacation to a Ranch where there was no Wi-Fi, no cell service, only television in the main lodge (not in the cabins you slept in) and I have to admit it was the best vacation I could have ever offered my family. From skiing, snowmobiling, ice-fishing, horse back riding, and playing bingo and backgammon. To provide your family with some inspiration, we’re sharing our favorite non-screen activities to do at home with the kids.

At Buxton’s Backyard Structures, we are proud to offer the best play equipment offered for your own personal backyard. While our main job is building exceptional play equipment, we’re also dedicated to inspiring the old-fashioned, screen-free activities that kids have loved for generations.

10 Screen-Free Activities for Kids

Breaking free from your screens is not an easy task, we understand that fully. Fortunately, we have come up with some screen-free activities for kids that appeal to different personalities and play styles. See all of our favorite ideas right here — and stick around for a peek at our popular swing set packages!

  1. Pick up a Board Game — Sitting around the kitchen table playing a favorite board game is one of the most classic ways to have fun without electronics. If your kids think board games are boring, try challenging them with one from the back of your closet that they’ve never played.
  2. Read a Book Together — While the kids probably do plenty of reading online, picking up a real book can be a great replacement. What’s even better, though, is when the whole family takes turns reading together!
  3. Obstacle Courses — An ambitious and awesome screen-free activity for kids, we encourage you to take turns tackling a homemade obstacle course and competing for first place. Whether you build the obstacle course yourself or it comes built in to your playset, it’s a great centerpiece for outdoor fun. See some of our swing set plans here — complete with an obstacle course!
  4. Snack Time — A tasty treat is a very powerful motivator to get the kids to put down the electronics. Making a snack together (smores, cookies, or something healthier) is a great screen-free activity that everyone will love!
  5. Build a Fort — Non-screen activities simply make more memories than watching videos on a laptop. You and the kids will always remember the day everyone built a pillow fort in the living room or an equally exciting outdoor fort!
    Check out our fantasy fortress for the ultimate backyard fort!
  6. Ask Them to Tell You a Story — Perfect for kids with super-sized imaginations, try asking your kids to tell you a totally made-up story…it can be funny, silly, scary, or anything else they want. Whether they take turns or build on each other’s tales, they’ll learn that making up their own ideas can be more fun than anything else!
  7. Make Paper Planes (Or Other Origami) — Even if you don’t love crafts, this is one of the screen-free activities for kids that is sure to win over almost anyone. You’re bound to have a stack of paper at home that is begging to be turned into all sorts of fun shapes.
  8. Play Hide and Seek — Another great option for indoor or outdoor fun, a game of hide and seek is the perfect answer to what to do on a boring afternoon!
  9. Plant Seeds Inside or Outside — Finding out who in the family has the greenest thumb isn’t just a good way to spend the afternoon, but it’s education, too. Plus, if you plant indoors (think jars, pots, or planters), you can do this great non-screen activity year-round!
  10. Swinging on a Swing Set — In order to make this non-screen activity work, you’ll need a swing set in your backyard! Of course, if you have a great swing set or playset, you’ll never need to work too hard to convince the kids to play outside. Not only are the slides and swings the perfect pieces for high energy fun, BUT playing on them is surprisingly good exercise.

    Learn more about whether swinging on a swing set is good exercise

What Sets Our Playsets Apart?

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