COWs – Containers on Wheels

Perfect for Moving, Staging, Decluttering, Spring Cleaning, Renovations, or a “Santa’s Workshop”.


Take your time, MOOOve safely and organized. Stuff your COW one room at a time. This will make unpacking much easier.

You will need a lock for your COW.

You and only you will have the key and/or combination to the lock.

None of our farmhands will ever ask you for your key or combination.


Evenly distribute heavy items throughout the COW.

Be sure to use “tie-downs” to prevent shifting during transport.

Don’t want to feed or mix your COW? No problem, we can bring your COW to our Barnyard where we will take car of the day to day operations. You can have 24-hour access to our gated, lit, and camera-ed Barnyard for $20.00/month.

COWs of Mercer Bucks can provide moving supplies with the delivery of your COW, call the office to order your boxes, bubble wrap, newsprint, mattress bags, packing peanuts, tape, locks & more.

Our COWs team is always available to help organize your move, give advice and do whatever it takes to make your move flow smoothly.

Safety Note:

It is against Barn Policy and State and Local laws to load or transport flammable, spoiled milk, hazardous or illegal items in your COW.

Need Boxes or Moving Supplies?

We will deliver them with your COW at no extra charge.

Call our direct COWS line at 609-643-5341