Buxton’s Boxes is proud to be your neighborhood U-Haul dealer. We rent U-Haul moving trucks, trailers, and moving equipment. We also sell moving supplies and boxes. We are your “one-stop” shop for all of your moving and self storage needs.

Big, Clean, Cool

  • Our remarkably efficient household moving vans get you to your new home safely, easily and comfortably and at a low cost to you. U-Haul moving truck rental cabs are real “people pleasers,” the only one in the industry with three-across adult seating plus room for a cooler. You can depend on our comfortable vans to save wear and tear on you and your family…the most important parts of any do-it-yourself move.

Superior For One-Way Or In-Town Moving Truck Rentals

  • Moving one way? Then your best selection to handle your upcoming move is clearly our biggest moving van—the 26-foot Super Mover®. The Super Mover can easily, safely and smoothly handle up to seven rooms of household goods. There’s more than enough capacity to carry those “little extras” you might have to leave behind now…and pay to replace later. And our exclusive Mom’s Attic®, the extra storage space we provide directly above the cab, is the perfect place to transport your most delicate possessions.
  • The all-new 24-foot moving van joining our team makes our lineup the industry’s largest fleet of automatic-transmission trucks. This moving machine’s new cab design features improved aerodynamic styling, which means increased fuel efficiency. Automatic transmission, softer suspension for a smoother ride, a superior radio and cup holders round out this innovative package.
  • Even if you’re moving In-Town℠, larger is better. A U-Haul van’s generous amount of floor space lets you “stack lower” and spread things out. If you don’t need every inch of space, you’ll find that all this extra room takes the real work out of loading and unloading. And the extra space means fewer trips, too.

Load Your Goods Easily, And Pamper Them As You Travel

  • Easier loading has never been simpler, thanks to our Low Decks℠. U-Haul moving truck rentals are truly built close to the ground. Plus, our loading ramps—the widest in the industry—reduce the time and effort needed to take your belongings in and out of the van body. We’re sure you’ll agree, U-Haul moving vans really Make Moving Easier.
  • The Gentle-Ride Suspensions on U-Haul moving rental trucks ensure that even your most delicate home electronics benefit from gentle crosstown or cross-country transportation. Our moving vans virtually glide on air, ensuring you of the smoothest ride available anywhere in the do-it-yourself, household moving industry.

A Host of Convenient Features

  • Convenient, padded rub rails with integral tie-downs on every interior wall, smooth decks and plenty of other built-in features make you feel right at home. There’s ample legroom, headroom and “stretch” room. And don’t forget our three-across seating for adults…a U-Haul exclusive. Plus, our air-conditioning is sure to help keep you cool on a summer moving day.
  • Like all of our other equipment, these vehicles are designed from the ground up to move families-not freight. Only U-Haul vans are expressly designed, engineered and manufactured for moving household goods. Easy loading. Smooth driving. With U-Haul moving truck rentals , you don’t have to be a professional to move like one. For More information on U-Haul rentals, please visit Uhaul.com or contact us directly.

U-Haul Truck Size Guides

BP Utility Use One Room Unleaded/Automatic Tow Pkg. Inside Bed: 7’10” x 5’2” x 1’9”
BE Dorm/Studio Deliveries 2 ½  Rooms Unleaded/Automatic Great for College Dorms Inside Bed: 9’6” x 5’7” x 4’7”
Door Opening: 5’1” x 4’1”
TM-10′ Apartment 1 ½ Rooms Unleaded/Automatic Holds Queen Size Bed Inside Truck: 9’11” x 6’4” x 6’2”
Door Opening: 5’11” x 5’7”
NO RAMP Deck Height 2’5”
DC-15′ 1-2 Bedrooms 1200 sq.ft. Unleaded/Automatic-Holds King Size Bed Holds Refrigerator Inside Truck:14’6” x 7’8” x 7’2”
Mom’s Attic: 2’7” x 7’8” x 2’6”
Door Opening: 7’3” x 6’5” 2’10”
Deck w/ Ramp: 2’2” Wide
TT–20’ 3-Bedroom Home Up to 6 Rooms Auto trans, low deck, gentle ride, Seats 3 adults Inside Truck:19’6” x 7’8” x 7’2”
Mom’s Attic: 2’10” x 7’8” x 2’8”
Door Opening: 7’3” x 6’5” 2’11”
Deck w/ Ramp: 2’2” Wide
JH-26′ 4-Bedroom Home Up to 8 Rooms Auto trans, low deck, gentle ride, Seats 3 adults Inside Truck:26’5” x 7’8” x 8’3”
Mom’s Attic: 3’ x 7’8” x 3’1”
Door Opening: 7’3” x 6’10”
2’9” Deck w/ Ramp: 2’7” Wide

U-Haul Trailer Size Guides

MT RAMP Motorcycle 950Lbs. TowCapacity
30 Sq. Ft.
Built in Chock
Tie Down Rings
Inside: 7’8” x 3’9½”
Ramp: 3’9”
AO 5 x 8 OPEN Up to 2 Rooms Easy Towing Inside Trailer: 108” x 51.5”
AV 5X8 Up to 2 Rooms Padded Rub Rails
Hold Queen Size Bed
Inside Trailer: 8’ x 4’8” x 5’4”
Door Opening: 4’ x 4’10”
RT 5×9 RAMP Motorcycle 57” Wide spring ramp
Heavy duty tie downs
Max load 1650 lbs.
Inside Trailer: 9’2” x 4’9”
Ramp: 4’9” Wide
RV 6X12 Up to 3 Rooms Softest Ride
Padded Rub Rails
Radial Tires
Surge Brakes
Hold King Size Bed
Inside Trailer:11’7” x 6’ x 5’5”
Door Opening: 5” x 4’10”

All rental measurements are approximate.

The equipment you receive may vary in size based on engineering/design specifications of multiple production models.

Reservation:  609-643-5342